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Cement Driveway Repair Services

Cement driveway repair might be necessary when severe cracks or deterioration become clearly visible. These cracks can be the result of a poorly prepared foundation, exposure to severe weather conditions, or poor cement mixing practices. A properly constructed cement driveway will typically last the lifetime of a home.

Tampa Cement Driveway Repair

Cement deterioration in the moderate to advance stages, might require a full driveway replacement to prevent multiple driveway repairs as time progresses. Our driveway team has the education and experience necessary to repair or construct a durable and visually appealing cement driveway within your budget.

Repairing Your Cement Driveway

It is important to find the root cause of any cracks or deterioration in your cement driveway before choosing a repair technique. Complete driveway replacement may be necessary to prevent exponential costs related to repairs in the future. The first step is assessing your budget and the usable cement area before recommending the correct path to take.

After assessing damage, our experts will implement one of the following procedures:

  • Cement Driveway Replacement: The process of removing your current damaged driveway, preparing a new subgrade, and installing a fresh cement driveway.

  • Cement Resurfacing: A technique using a cement overlay used to cover flaws in the existing slab.

  • Cement Engraving: A method of disguising minor surface damage by staining or engraving faux grout lines.

  • Slab jacking: A process that involves filling sinking spots under a cement slab with sand, cement, or other additives.

  • Recoloring: A method of hiding unsightly blemishes in the cement with a durable stain.

We proudly serve the following areas:

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With over 45 years of concrete driveway repair, installation, and replacement experience, Tampa Driveway can give your home the curb appeal it deserves. Call an expert today!